Cost of Gender Studies

Nazi feminism programming… Another example of the increase in the Size, the Cost, the extend of the Reach And the Power of a terroristic tyrannical government. How do we stop it? Stop funding it! From elementary school to collage, the […]

Truckers Against Trafficking

  When I first saw this program, I too thought it was a good thing. That being said, I have been an over the road truck driver since 1998 and I have never seen any “trafficking” out here. Now towards […]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. If you would like a WordPress or another site of your own, click here (:   OK, Sorry it took me so long to update this. Lenny Ladner is the founder of ScrapGovScrap, had it at a […]

Reply To Loundon County Tea Party

Concerning the increases in the School Board Budget. The one thing that I forgot to mention is that. The state and the various organs of the state that means the county and the city Are forced to raise taxes and […]

It Only Takes Six Congressmen!

It only takes six Congressmen to stop the growth of government. To find out whether your congressman is wiling to be one of the six; Write him a letter which reads as follows: Dear Mr. Congressman: I know that you […]

Threat To Your Liberty

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Federal Budget

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Tell Youth The Truth!

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What You Can Do To Save These United States

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Financial Crisis

Oh yeah. We got another market drop coming right at us. Posted by Lenny Ladner at 3:27 PM