What Is and Isn’t Toxic Masculinity? | Rantzerker 113

Hi! Here’s the event reminder…       What Is and Isn’t Toxic Masculinity? | Rantzerker 113 By Honey Badger Radio March 25, 2019 – 02:30:00 AM CDT   Listen Now Join Karen, Alison and Brian on the Rantzerker as we […]

Honey Badger Radio

Free the creatives and society will follow… The Honey Badger Brigade is a bunch of artists dedicated to defending the human dignity of men and respecting the individuality of women. We also support… · Official website · Youtube · Twitter […]

Cost of Gender Studies

Nazi feminism programming… Another example of the increase in the Size, the Cost, the extend of the Reach And the Power of a terroristic tyrannical government. How do we stop it? Stop funding it! From elementary school to collage, the […]

Truckers Against Trafficking

  When I first saw this program, I too thought it was a good thing. That being said, I have been an over the road truck driver since 1998 and I have never seen any “trafficking” out here. Now towards […]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. If you would like a WordPress or another site of your own, click here (:   OK, Sorry it took me so long to update this. Lenny Ladner is the founder of ScrapGovScrap, had it at a […]

Reply To Loundon County Tea Party

Concerning the increases in the School Board Budget. The one thing that I forgot to mention is that. The state and the various organs of the state that means the county and the city Are forced to raise taxes and […]

Election, What Election!

Elections: What Elections????? In Communist Poland they had elections. Every candidate on the ballot was hand picked… ”qualified”…by the Communist Party Bosses. And of course they won every election. In Tennessee the Bosses of the Republican Party have set up […]

Tea Parties

Common Sense on how you are being fooled at these Tea Parties This video was produced on Super Bowl Sunday 2011. Ask yourself what are the results???? How did these Tea Party candidates do???? More important: Who nominated them??? How […]

Trotskyist Tact #312::::Decreasing The Increase

Back Posted by Lenny Ladner at 1:15 PM

Pushing The Button:::::On Them

Lets stop reacting to them. Lets force them to react to US. How?????? By asking a simple question: “Does this increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of the government???” Posted by Lenny Ladner at 1:14 PM