Pretty Neat Trick

Whenever a new presidential administration comes into power.

Within the first year they are immediately confronted with some sort of a major problem.

If you go back into history, say to 1901 you will see these major problems pop up.

The solution proposed by the advisors to the current president is to increase the power of the executive branch.

More agencies, more bureaucracies, more executive orders.

Say wasn’t EPA, Department of Energy and FEMA created with a stroke of the pen????

You know, increase the size, cost, and extend the reach and power of the government.

When have you seen a new presidential administration cut back on the powers from the previous administration????

The new administration has inherited the powers that the former administration gave itself

The former administration inherited the powers that the administration before it gave itself.

They take the power that they acquired and add to it so that the next administration is even more powerful.

Truman took the powers that Roosevelt gave to himself and added to it.

Eisenhower took the powers that Truman inherited and added to it.

Kennedy took the powers that Eisenhower had and added to it.

Johnson took the powers that Kennedy had and added to it.

Nixon took the powers that Johnson had and added to it.

Ford took the powers that Nixon had and added to it.

Carter took the powers that Ford had and added to it.

Reagan took the powers that Carter had and added to it.

Bush took the powers that Regan had and added to it.

Clinton took the powers that Bush had and added to it.

Bush Jr. took the powers that Clinton had and added to it.

Obama took the powers that Bush had and added to it.

Can you imagine what the next occupant of the White House will do?

Ain’t that interesting?????

That’s a “Pretty Neat Trick.”

You keep building up the Executive Branch of our government.

More power, more power and soon (I think we have passed that point)

We will have a dictatorship.


Get the idea around.

You may help save these United States.


Posted by Lenny Ladner at 8:23 AM

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