Paul Wins, Spector Loses!

Rand Paul Wins.
Spector Loses.
What About We The People?

Well I have been waiting a few days to write this dispatch.

On Wednesday May 19 I was pleased to hear that Rand Paul won the Republican Primary for the US Senate in Kentucky.
I was also pleased to find out that Arlen (Magic Bullet) Spector’s political career is over.

What bothered me is that each and every minute the commentators on FOX were bringing up this story. Why should that bother me???? I’ll tell you why.

How many incumbent Congressmen lost their primaries in Kentucky?????
How many incumbent Congressmen lost their primaries in Pennsylvania?????


The media is trying to cover up the fact that WE THE PEOPLE must get rid of ALL the incumbent members of the House of Representatives.

The media doesn’t want you to know that Congress lays the taxes.
All Bills of Revenue start in the House of Representatives.
The House of Representatives is where the action is;
Not the Presidency.
Not the Supreme Court.
Not the Senate.

The House of Representatives.

Now what would happen if the people of Kentucky and Pennsylvania removed each and every incumbent Congressman? Replaced them with an ordinary person who would VOTE NO on any bill that increases the size, cost, reach and power of government?????

GAME OVER. We the people have won. They have lost.

Only you can make this happen. Posted by Lenny Ladner at 6:54 PM

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