Truckers Against Trafficking


When I first saw this program, I too thought it was a good thing. That being said, I have been an over the road truck driver since 1998 and I have never seen any “trafficking” out here. Now towards the beginning of my carrier, I saw more evidence of potential trafficking. Now as of 2018; I see next to no proof that this is even a issue, let alone a problem. We don’t even have a lot lizard (prostitution) problem anymore. It’s been years since I have even seen or herd of a lot lizard, I almost forgot they even existed.


But now, the government has got involve. Now they are making us take a TAT (Truckers Against trafficking) test/course before we can get or renew our CDL. Which doesn’t sound like a bad thing, on the surface. But; not only are they forcing us to do an obsolete course, they make us pay for this unnecessary certification. I use to endorse and promote TAT; but as of 2019, I don’t.


TAT use to be a good thing, a good idea and a good concept. Now that uncle sam has his greedy fingers in the pot, it is worthless. Now; all it is… is another NGO to increase the Size, the Cost, to Extend the Reach & the Power of a terroristic tyrannical government. I endorse TAT, but NOT as another government agency! All the government goes is mess up whatever it gets it’s hand on, and We The People are the ones who has to pay for it.



I say, “SCRAP” it!

Podcast: 2018-12-24

My name is CainO’ & I approve this message!



Human Trafficking Laws


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