Cost of Gender Studies

Nazi feminism programming… Another example of the increase in the Size, the Cost, the extend of the Reach And the Power of a terroristic tyrannical government. How do we stop it? Stop funding it!

From elementary school to collage, the socialist agenda is at play. There are many ways that communism has creped into our country, this is just one of them. United we stand, divided we fall! Feminism is just another way to kill family, keep us separated and at each others throats. Another way to keep us distracted while they do other things behind our backs. And who is paying for it? You and me. Why are we doing this? Why are we allowing our tax dollars to be used against us? They use our money to campaign against us; so that they can use more of our money to make rules, regulations, standards, codes and guidelines against us.

Enough is enough! Quit paying them to enslave us! Scrap Gov Scrap! We need less government, and less government solutions to problems that were created by the government.

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