Tea Parties

Common Sense on how you are being fooled at these Tea Parties This video was produced on Super Bowl Sunday 2011. Ask yourself what are the results???? How did these Tea Party candidates do???? More important: Who nominated them??? How […]

Trotskyist Tact #312::::Decreasing The Increase

Back Posted by Lenny Ladner at 1:15 PM

Pushing The Button:::::On Them

Lets stop reacting to them. Lets force them to react to US. How?????? By asking a simple question: “Does this increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of the government???” Posted by Lenny Ladner at 1:14 PM

Energy, Another Lie

Keystone Pipeline. Essentially what it is doing is taking British oil, from the British Dominion of Canada Piping it through the United States and putting it on tankers which will take the oil to South America and Europe. That’s cool […]

Da State of Dis-Union

Send this letter to Michelle Bachman Posted by Lenny Ladner at 1:12 PM

An Open Letter To Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann 103 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC. 20515 Dear Ms. Bachmann: I know that you are alarmed at the continued growth in the Size, Cost, Reach and Power of the government. My request of you is quite simple. […]